Friday, October 03, 2008 last

so near yet so far, we never manage to actually sit and hav a long girlie chat like we planned.

but hey, it's good to see ya Osh! i could still hear that smug voice u had when u told desmond "I only shop in Pavillion. Oh! Gardens, I don't mind either."

lucky bitch.

either way, at least we get a photo together right? Right.

Anyho, see my face in the picture? Looking smooth aye?

Didn't realise it until a friend told me, "Hey! what you use to wash your face?" My reply, "Dettol soap"

No really, I use Dettol soap, the blue colour ones. I knw, I knw, it's actually quite harsh for the skin. I used to hav pimples all over my face, that my dad called me a sand paper face. so kind words i get.

But ever since my fren complimented me on my skin, I change the soap, I now use some proper cleanser. Herbalskin i think the brand. Apparently it's made of herbs, so it's good for the skin. Oh well, actually I don't think it's the soap you used.

I now, healthly drink water without fail before sleeping. Yes, I think that's what did the trick! Imma happy happy smooth skinned chic!


OSH G said...

oh hey! that's me. :)
yeah like finally. i'm sorry i couldn't do whatever we planned. some things just had to crop up. i was almost not around KL like the whole time that i can actually count the times i was out and about. i do shop in places other than Pavilion okay! don't say that. haha. it was good to see you again babe!

Anonymous said...

Wah, very smooth ah your face, hehe...healthly drink water without fail before sleeping...sounds familiar
Hahaa...good good, now no more aunty-look d, cannot tease you d..

lynnz said...

osh: lol. u busy woman. will catch you when i can then!

anony: thanks.

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