Friday, October 03, 2008

The Begining or The End?

I went for the fullmoon celebration - I wouldn't call it a party, party means there's alco, no alco means not a party. Amen.

twice I saw the little baby boy, - once, a couple of days after Grace gave birth, and fullmoon was the 2nd time. And not one time I dare to carry the baby. I mean, if it's my cousin or nephew or nieces, I wouldn't mind. But i dunno. I feel that it's, ahem, he.. is so very fragile.

So many ppl fanning around the baby... so i busied myself with the food. THE FOOD. omg, i had like 3 helpings that night. Best catering ever.

Jacintha and I.

but it was good, catching up with childhood friends, Su Yen, Grace, and Mag. yea, Grace wasn't particularly busy coz she has lots of hands helping her with her baby. Lucky bitch. :)

Su yen and I was talking, thinking on the way home, bout marriage and kids, (omfg!), i told her, i got the chills during their wedding, I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo not ready for marriage. Heck, here i am, thinking bout shopping for more and more clothes, and Grace is already thinking of shopping for more and more baby's milk. But... we can see, that she's blissfully happy with her choice. Well, on the bright side, she'll be a young mummy.

For me, not yet no way not yet. I just can't see myself getting into that kinda shit just yet. The only thing i can see is, being the bimbo i am, perfecting my makeup. Yes, im into That kind of shit. haha.

so no ang gu gu yet for me. it's helooooooooooo bimbo.

yes, im still running around, trying to snap this cute lil thing at the garden. i went "stop stop. don move!" =_=

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