Friday, October 03, 2008

Flea Markets! Bazaars! Junksale!

i am never, ever, ever, gonna go to these junksales on the weekends again. ever....

at least, not on every weekends. probly once a month?

coz u could really really get good deals... well okay, even if you don't like pre-loved stuff, get the new ones! and BARGAIN!

i see jody more than ever nowadays, coz her sweetheart Jeremy often hav a booth thr. My Favouritees! go check 'em out.

so yea, here are some of the pictures.

Midnight Junksale at Replacement Boutique, Bangsar.

Viva Monash!

see that kinky santarina-ish dress there? Apparently it was sold on the 1st day, bought by a boy. And he claims that he is buying it for his sister. *rolled eyes* who is he trying to kid? btw, another of my friend's boutique, Dolly Sins. you can find lots of kinky outfits there. LOL.

one thing about these bazaars and flea markets, you can't be shy shy standing one corner expecting ppl to serve you. No way! That was how I first was. Until I see everyone minding their own business searching for the best buys!

it's waaaayyy too tempting. last month's expense was wayyyy over the budget. and you knw, my budget is a very small one. =_= so this month! I'M NOT GOIN FOR THESE SALES NO MORE! hmmph!

until November, i think. who wanna come with me?


TNH said...

Nevermind spend your money on something that you enjoy doing..that's worth right?

lynnz said...

yea but. but.

yea. ur right. *grins*

Marianne said...

and for some reason ... i've never been to one, even though i want to go! haih

lynnz said...

#3: the next time i go, im draggin you along!