Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Mia!

I was invited to the Shirts 4 Real launch held at Positive Cafe in ss15.

They were launching their 3 newly design shirts - Illuminate.

They are actually the AYA Youth members, hosting this event. So yea, it's a christian thing. But of course it's for everyone.

Er, I didnt get 'em altho I liked the first 2 design. Maybe later. :)

So I was a little late, and I went in, sat in the front row, with Mia Palencia! I didn't realise who she was, until she stood up for the opening ceremony for the event. I whispered to April "eh, isn't that Mia??"

Apparently, I didnt read the invitation properly. It was stated that Mia was performing. =_=

For those who doesn't knw Mia, well, she's a Malaysian singer cum actress i think. Very friendly, down to earth and funny! No i'm not kidding. She's really really nice. Go to her website, to hear some of her songs. I recorded her performance that day, but Youtube is painfully slow to upload. =_=

Me with Mia.

Karen with Mia.

Yeah, I knw, nowadays my blog seems a little too.... um. how do you call it? Um, i dunno. More of where I go, what I do, like those typical blogs you read. Oh well, I hardly get to meet those who are far away, so I thought I'd jst fill you in with what's happening in my life. I don't wanna be writting what I feel all the time.... trust me, I can be really really emo at times. So yeah, once a while, you'd get to hear the emo side of me. :)

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