Thursday, October 02, 2008

MME Race 08

i thought of posting up bout these some time ago, but i totally forgot about it.

yea, alot of post on cars. the boy's influence.

but it was good tho, rather than celebrating Merdeka in clubs or to be stuck somewhere in a jam. It was a good experience. I got a free tix to get into the pit area... so yea, it was kinda awesome even for a girl like me who doesn't give a shit bout racing cars. :)

I manage to climb up to the top of the building, with my heels.

The entrance. While other photographers took pictures of those car girls, i much rather snap on other things. malaysian quality not very good. heh.

Thank God for these makan area. Sure, food was served in the resting room, but... by 9ish, I'm starving. But their burger is sold for RM4 for one. RM 4 when I could hav gotten the same burger outside my hse for RM1.50. =_=

Some damanged cars were pushed outside, and right out of the race. :) Maybe next year.

I tried capturing the cars with my olympie.. but canot make it la. Only DSLR's can. Damn fail.

I never see more tyres in my entire before.

Can see the white guy and the girl sitting on the bar? That's ZTH-HPC drivers. chic driver wei.

This was when I was watching the race. From the highest view. On the top of the building. And then I panic coz I cant climb down the ladder. =_=
Then I was soooooo close to watching the switching of the drivers at the pit. I tried snapping but I'm too short. Hand it over to the boy for a better picture.

Crew waiting for the car to come on in. There will be a red light on top of each pit, with a buzzer indicating the cars coming in.
Pretty close eh?
And then after the race, at 12a.m, everyone stood to sing the national song and shouted Merdeka 3 times. As I was walking towards the prize giving ceremony, there's one ang moh asking, "What's Merdeka?" "oh, it meant independence, it's our independence day"
Our ex-prime minister was there too, supporting his son from one seperated VIP room. And no, I don't see no bodyguard anywhere nearby. Heck, I was directly outside that glass room and no one ushered me away.

Reached home by 2ish, no jam at all. Then I k.o. Thanking god the next day is a holiday. No work, no early wake up calls.

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