Monday, November 24, 2008

learn to be more respectful

been hovering over this matter lately. seems like it's never solved. i think people just needed to learn to respect another person other than themselves. yea well i knw some don't even respect themselves but that's not the point here.

I'm disappointed that you, can do that. Like the silence previously have no impact on you. Apparently you do that to others as well. Oh well, I've come to terms of your particular behaviour therefore, I've accepted for who you are. Just that I'm not gonna pretend it never happened. Respectful is what you needed to be in order for others to treat you like a friend. A true one at least.

I'm disappointed that you, can do that. That place is not meant to be private when thousands of others can come to know about it. It's just bugging my mind, when one moment your doing this, and the next your saying another thing. And your sibling, A, oh god. i find it very disturbing that A checks it so often, putting comments all over it. I mean, yes your close but... nevermind. I'm sure you readers get my drift. Respect is what BOTH of you needed to learn.

I'm disappointed that you, can do that. That you promised to do it since early this year. But what on earth happened? Too busy? Or you are not planning to do it? Then just be honest and tell us all what really went down. Don't go pretending on your blog bout how you want your future to be, and how discipline and how hardworking you are when this little thing you can't fulfil to a bunch of us who's been waiting patiently for so many months now.

I did made a blunder in the past. Of being disrespectful to others. Not even thinking of the other side's feelings over the matter. Mayb that's why I try to stay away from those who were the old me. oh well.


I love Christmas. I'm listening to Christmas songs. Finding the best so that I can listen to it over and over again. Christmas gives me this peaceful feeling that no other occasions can do. And yes, it's the season of giving. Sadly, people now only buys things for themselves. Whatever happen to giving presents and putting them under the Christmas tree, while we patiently waits for the day to come. Be it an expensive gift or a small 5bux gift. It's the thought that matters.

But nah. That's your own decision. I enjoy more going out buying things for others wondering what their expressions will be like when they open the pressies. Because these pressies are bought with a thought. Not by going into the shop thinking, "hmmm.. this is suitable. ok, if she/he doesn't want it, they can always re-wrap it for the next occassion." or buying some decorative items or some mugs or some useless stuff for that matter.

Yes i did say it's the thought that matters. But if you were to know that person for quite sometime, would you just go and buy a mug and shove it to the person's hand and feeling good that you've got him/her something? I highly doubt it. So there. That's my 2cents.

M gonna go listen to Christmas songs while reading my Archies. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's all about me.

it's raining every day. i wished i had more hours a day... i wanna listen to the rain. i love the sound of the rain, have i mentioned before? i just wanna crawl up in bed, reading a book, tucked into my comforter... not having a care of the world.

i wanna finish up my cross-stitch. (i don care if it sounded very aunty-ish) i need to start using the stickers i bought. which means get started on the project i left abandoned. i wanna watch tv for hours! but Astro sucks when it rains, or when it kept repeating the shows i've already watched. 3 times.

and those doesnt need me to spend a single cent. but these does:

i wanna be having a cup of hot/cold choc in starbucks at their comfy seat updating my work, doing my readings on my laptop. i wanna walk around in the mall (not shopping, sometimes shopping can be stressful!) and just go have lovely food. for breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner. i wanna be fully indulged in total relaxation of spas. facial appointment that does not hurt. i wanna go for massages.

yes. this is a selfish post. it's all about me, and what i want.

so? i'm allowed to be selfish sometimes, especially when i'm so nice all the time. *hahahaha*

btw, my bday is coming up. those are some of the ideas of what you can get for me. thankyous!

Monday, November 17, 2008

here and away...

it's been a long stressful month.

my phone finally stop ringing at every god-damn hour. silly as i was, i used to wish that i was such a busy and wanted person, that my phone kept ringing non-stop. now that it had happened, i wished i didnt own a phone. but finally, peace at last.

I pick 27th. Because it was written down twice. 27th will mark the day I knew you. 27th will be the day that reminds me of you. I'd wish I knew you in a whole different situation. It hurts me to say Goodbye, my dear.


My bazaar was a hit last week. Thank you so much for all who came, for all who had supported me, for all who stayed til the very end. The best is yet to come!

Highlight of the week: Facebook told me I was awarded the BFF award. When I opened, I was awarded the BFF award of the year! :D :D :D

wait. kawan, was I the ONLY one? or one of the few? cis. potong stim. -_-