Monday, November 17, 2008

here and away...

it's been a long stressful month.

my phone finally stop ringing at every god-damn hour. silly as i was, i used to wish that i was such a busy and wanted person, that my phone kept ringing non-stop. now that it had happened, i wished i didnt own a phone. but finally, peace at last.

I pick 27th. Because it was written down twice. 27th will mark the day I knew you. 27th will be the day that reminds me of you. I'd wish I knew you in a whole different situation. It hurts me to say Goodbye, my dear.


My bazaar was a hit last week. Thank you so much for all who came, for all who had supported me, for all who stayed til the very end. The best is yet to come!

Highlight of the week: Facebook told me I was awarded the BFF award. When I opened, I was awarded the BFF award of the year! :D :D :D

wait. kawan, was I the ONLY one? or one of the few? cis. potong stim. -_-

1 comment:

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