Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's all about me.

it's raining every day. i wished i had more hours a day... i wanna listen to the rain. i love the sound of the rain, have i mentioned before? i just wanna crawl up in bed, reading a book, tucked into my comforter... not having a care of the world.

i wanna finish up my cross-stitch. (i don care if it sounded very aunty-ish) i need to start using the stickers i bought. which means get started on the project i left abandoned. i wanna watch tv for hours! but Astro sucks when it rains, or when it kept repeating the shows i've already watched. 3 times.

and those doesnt need me to spend a single cent. but these does:

i wanna be having a cup of hot/cold choc in starbucks at their comfy seat updating my work, doing my readings on my laptop. i wanna walk around in the mall (not shopping, sometimes shopping can be stressful!) and just go have lovely food. for breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner. i wanna be fully indulged in total relaxation of spas. facial appointment that does not hurt. i wanna go for massages.

yes. this is a selfish post. it's all about me, and what i want.

so? i'm allowed to be selfish sometimes, especially when i'm so nice all the time. *hahahaha*

btw, my bday is coming up. those are some of the ideas of what you can get for me. thankyous!


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