Friday, January 09, 2009


... someone asked me if I did at least weigh 30kg. i don't knw if that's a compliment or a sarcastic remark.

... i think my alcohol tolerance level is slightly increasing. 3 glasses of beer + 1 tequila shot + few glass of liqour. and m still standing.

... i actually youtube for dance moves.

... my playlist now is filled with r&b songs that makes me more gian to go clubbing *oh wad has happened to me*

... when ppl asked me, what's my new year's resolution. i answered, What resolution? OMG it's new year!

... i stayed home in bed for Xmas and New Year eve. champion.

... i can't set which is top priority coz i'm too greedy.

... my phone bill went skyhigh rocket coz I thought I should wish ppl on those festive season.

... i hate February coz there's not public holiday.

... i already scan thru the months trying to look for MORE holidays.

... i dont have a proper meal coz i dont have time.

... i am so tired by the time the food is in front of me, i can hardly eat.

... i miss marianne's xmas dinner. the food was AWESOME.

... i'm gonna treat/pay dianne for her fantabolous poster done up for me.

... someone called me a butch. *wtf*

... i havnt been watching tv for a long time.

... i miss my blog.

... i alwis buy a planner but never write anything in it except my name.

... i need to get back to work now.


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