Wednesday, November 11, 2009

why, hello again.

i could never sleep these days. i don't knw why. 

i hate not being able to sleep. because then i'll keep thinking. and thinking. and thinking. 

stumbled across a fine frenzy again. i don't knw why i get addicted to the song. especially when it makes me so emotionally depressed. every dark feelings surfaced again. and now, i've heard over and over and over again. and i feel like crying. 

over what? i dont quite know. all i knw, i just want to cry. 

i took one zyrtec. hoping it will put me to a comfortable sleep. instead, im still awake. very awake. 

does people always leave? do they? why?

i feel so alone. i need a break. from city life. from here. from now. take me, take me away. i want to put my phone away. so i don't have to glance over it every few minutes. 

take me away. now. please. 

my heart feels very heavy. i wished i knew wad's causing it to be that way. take me somewhere, where i can sit on the sand, digging my toes in, listening to the sound of waves. no words are needed, just sit with me. until im ready to come home.